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Reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction with an efficient Helpdesk.

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Reduce response times and improve your customers' experience

Increases customer satisfaction: Customers who have a good experience with customer service are more likely to buy again and recommend your company to their friends and family.

Improves customer retention: Customers who are satisfied with customer service are more likely to stay with your company in the long run.

Increases sales: Good customer service can help you increase sales by creating a positive experience for your customers.

Improves brand image: Good customer service can help you improve your brand image and build a reputation as a company that cares about its customers.

What makes attendo unique

Centralize communications and processes

Attendo concentrates all communications and processes them, integrating them more deeply than any other software into your company’s day-to-day processes. In addition, it communicates natively with your ERP, Web, E-Commerce and other software.

This allows

  • Increased productivity
  • Elimination of repetitive tasks
  • A reduction of redundant software costs
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You ask, we answer

I have a call center, do I need a license for each agent?
Not necessarily, attendo can be licensed by both named and concurrent users. With named users, only a certain number of users can register, while with concurrent users, as many users as you want can register, but only a certain number of them can access at the same time. Consult our advisors for specific conditions.
Attendo allows to perform Ad-hoc customized developments for clients. They are applied as extensions, allowing updates to be deployed without losing customizations. It also has advanced parameterization tools (Flow Builder, Object Designer Kit, System Cue) that can be used by the network of Attendo Certified Partners.
It is very simple, by the approximation method. A sectorial is composed of modules, which in turn are composed of features (or functionalities). We will choose the sector that, after analyzing the available modules and features, covers most of your needs. Once selected, additional modules and features will be added as required.
All Attendo customers have free technical support included in the monthly fee. This technical service is provided directly by the Attendo Certified Partner network.
As many as you wish. It is true that commercially we offer commercial packages that group modules and users. However, any instance of Attendo allows you to add licenses and modules in an unlimited way, managing the security and availability of those modules to certain users from within the platform itself.

Shall we start?

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