Everything your ERP is missing

The cloud software that will make you excellent in customer service, management, processes and communications.

A software just made for you

With more than 30 modules y 100 functionalities to choose and combine, attendo adapts perfectly to the needs of each company. Our sector solutions offer you everything your sector needs in one package.

What makes attendo unique?

More unification, greater efficiency

Attendo Enterprise Industry

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100% cloud architecture

We have developed our own architecture based entirely on the cloud to guarantee you maximum security. Your data is never mixed with that of other clients. We work with partners such as Telefónica Tech, AWS, OVH and Arsys to offer you 99.99% about uptime.

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There are two types of licenses in Attendo, concurrent and nominal.

Concurrent licenses are contracted by number of simultaneous connections. A connection is considered a connection when a user logs in on any device. If you login to two devices, it consumes two connections. This type of licensing allows the registration of as many users and groups as needed, who will be able to connect from any device and at any time, as long as the number of simultaneous active connections does not exceed the maximum number of connections contracted.

Nominal licenses are those licenses associated with a user and a device type. There are nominal desktop licenses (valid for any device) and mobile licenses (valid only for mobile devices). A nominal license allows you to create only one user in Attendo (desktop or mobile).

Nominal licenses are suitable in environments with full-time users. Concurrent licenses are suitable in environments with part-time users or in companies with multiple work shifts.

All modules are compatible with each other. The internal database structures in Attendo are the same, regardless of the contracted solution and the modules chosen.

This allows any customer with any version of Attendo to “scale” between versions, extend or reduce modules and add or remove functionality.

Attendo is marketed in packages of modules and functionalities.Attendo is marketed in packages of modules and functionalities. It can also be custom configured to any company’s requirements.

Because it is so modular and flexible on a commercial and operational level, the cost of licenses and the initial implementation cost is much cheaper than other comparable products.

Finally, the solution is Cloud SaaS, which eliminates any cost of hardware acquisition, cloud server rental, perpetual licenses, IT services, etc.

Not at all, Attendo has no capacity limitations.

Attendo instances come with storage packages included in the price, but can be optionally expanded as much as needed.

Attendo’s infrastructure allows unlimited scalability of storage resources to store millions of records, documents and files.

On the other hand, in case of special needs, Attendo can offer dedicated bandwidth, computing power and/or memory for these cases.

As many as you wish. It is true that commercially we offer commercial packages that group modules and users. However, any instance of Attendo allows you to add licenses and modules in an unlimited way, managing the security and availability of those modules to certain users from within the platform itself.

By default Attendo is in English and Spanish, although more languages and their translations can be easily added, and tags and descriptions can be customized.

All Attendo customers have free technical support included in the monthly fee. This technical service is provided directly by the Attendo Certified Partner network.

Attendo allows to perform Ad-hoc customized developments for clients. They are applied as extensions, allowing updates to be deployed without losing customizations.

It also has advanced parameterization tools (Flow Builder, Object Designer Kit, System Cue) that can be used by the network of Attendo Certified Partners.

Of course, Attendo offers the possibility to export all data with one click. It is also possible to import data into Attendo using a wizard that allows you to map fields easily.

Shall we start?

Book your demo and we will do a free study on how to improve your processes with attendo.

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